Viking Island Marathon

20 May 2023

Route & Elevation

The Viking Island Marathon will test your trail running skills. Be as prepared as possible to conquer the race with info about elevation and route.

The Viking Island Marathon features two distances:

Full marathon - 42.195km/26.2mi

Half marathon - 21.1km/13.1mi

Route map

Route Description

With a start close to a traditional smokehouse in Gudhjem, one of Bornholm’s most popular summer spots nestling on the rocky coast of the Baltic Sea shore, the route will take you north to Helligdomsklipperne, passing sights like Våde Ovn and Sorte Gryde, continuing up the coast to the beaches of Sandkås and Sandvigen. After a short tour in the streets of Allinge-Sandvig you will find yourself  back on the tracks, just north of Hammerknuden and Salomons Chapel. With the Lion’s Heads rock formation on one side and the dramatic Hammershus ruins on the other, the track will take you towards Hammers Harbor, where the Marathon and the Half Marathon routes will converge.

Half Marathon will start at the Hammershus Visitor Center. After 1 km the route will converge with the full marathon route close to Hammer Harbor.

The route takes you on a tough path through the Vang quarry and continues down the coast to Hasle harbor. On the last part of the race, you will pass through the forests and beaches located just north of Rønne. In this area, you will find a few of Bornholm's pristine jewels such as the Emerald Lake, Pyrite Lake and Sapphire Lake. The Finish Line will be in the forest just outside Hotel Skovly.

Please note:

When passing places of public interest, it is important to keep in mind that this race doesn’t have exclusivity in the area and all tracks and sights are open to regular visitors and locals too. 

Do not forget that this is first and foremost an adventure. We are far away from comforts of home and this makes it impossible to offer services at the same level usually provided in city marathons.

Route Logistics

The route is marked with red and white caution tape, arrow signs, orange trail marker flags and kilometer markers. At crucial sections, race crew will point runners in the correct direction.

Kilometer signs are color-coded according to the distance they represent. Marathon = black and half-marathon = red.

Water stations will be positioned along the route at approximately every 3,5-4 kilometers. All stations will serve clean tap water and electrolyte drinks (elderflower flavor). Bananas will be served after approximately 29km for the marathon and 8km for the half marathon.

Please see the route map for aid station specifics. 

Start / Finish

Marathon will start in Gudhjem, close to the harbor. 

Half Marathon will start near the Hammershus visitor center.

Both routes will converge at Hammer Harbor and continue together to the Finish line at Hotel Skovly, 5 km north of Rønne


The route is indeed a trail run route. The surface changes from small forest tracks and rocky trails to gravel/rocky biking tracks and some parts on small sandy beaches.