Viking Island Marathon

20 May 2023

Svalbard - Last stop before the North Pole

Join our sister company Albatros Expeditions as they sail as close as possible to the pack ice north of Svalbard, the polar bear´s favorite summer residence. How far north we reach and the exact route up there will depend on the ice conditions. Additionally, we will visit several of the amazing locations along the west coast of Svalbard, all kept navigable by the warm Gulf Stream.
1-8 Jun | 8 days | 6 590 USD

This extension tour is not directly in connection to the Viking Island Marathon itinerary. Starting only 10 days after the conclusion of your visit to Bornholm this extension caters for those who are planning a longer stay in Scandinavia all together. However, with a brand new ship - the Ocean Albatros - sailing its innaugural cruise, this is a splendid opportunity to visit one of the most remote corners of the world and still enjoy comfort and luxury while onboard the ship.

During the short summer, wildlife such as reindeer and polar fox are busy amassing energy for the icy polar winter. The cliffs shimmer with life as every surface is populated with countless birds, and in a few months a new generation of arctic sea birds is ready to leave their nests. Arctic guillemots, black guillemots and razorbills can be observed fishing in the wake of our ship. On several shores, the huge walruses enjoy the short Arctic summer as well as many whales and seals foraging along the edge of the pack ice and the coasts.

With a fleet of sturdy Zodiac boats, we are able to view wildlife at close proximity. The Zodiacs allow us to have frequent shore landings and embark on exploratory mini cruises in the fjords and glacial landscapes.

For the detailed itinerary, ship information, deck plans, prices and more please go to:
Svalbard - Last stop before the North Pole | Albatros Expeditions