Viking Island Marathon

20 May 2023

Destination Guide

Here you will find important background information and helpful tips on traveling in Denmark.

If you do not find the answer you're seeking, feel free to contact us with your question.



Capital City







Danish Crown (DKK)


42.933 sq. km.

Special Dietary Requirements

We understand that allergies and special diets are a common concern among our guests. We do our very best to accommodate any diet for medical, allergy or religious needs; however, we cannot guarantee that all dining establishments can fulfill special requests. As a result, we encourage our guests to take all necessary precautions during their travel. 

Guests with special dietary requirements should inform their server upon arriving at the location. 

If you require a special diet during your travel, please inform us. 

Please note: This information must be received no later than 45 days before your tour begins.


Danish is the official language of the Kingdom of Denmark. A large majority of Danes also speak English, as it is a mandatory second language in primary schools. 


In Denmark, you'll find most power sockets to be standard, two-pronged European plugs. The types of sockets most widely used include Type C, E, F and K. Voltage in Denmark is 230V/50HZ. If the outlet voltage in your country is between 220-240V, you should be fine. However, if it is range of 100-127V (which is common in the US, Canada, and countries in South America), you might need a voltage converter in Denmark. Please note that power plug adapters only convert plug types and do not convert voltages. 

The exception to the standard is socket Type K, which is of Danish origin and includes a third prong below the top two. Plugs of Type C will fit (Standard European), but it is incompatible with Types E and F. 

Telephone & Internet

The international country code for Denmark is +45. Denmark is part of the EU, and thus EU/EEA roaming rules apply to participants coming from other EU countries. Please check with your mobile provider for specific options and fees. 

Public Wi-Fi is common in Denmark. Most hotels, as well as bars and restaurants will offer Wi-Fi for free.  

Drinking Water

Denmark has some of the cleanest drinking water in the world. It can be drunk directly from any tap – so don’t hesitate to fill up your bottle.


What to Pack?

As any Nordic mother will tell you, "there's no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothing." September tends to be a beautiful, crisp month, with temperatures hovering between 10 to 17 degrees Celsius.

There is always a chance of rain and wind, so be sure to pack a rain jacket. It is very common to jump into the sea around this time of year, so don’t forget your swimsuit. Otherwise, just pack your race clothes, your sunglasses, and your fastest running shoes!

Tipping Guidelines

All prices in Denmark generally include a service fee, so it is not necessary to tip.

Of course, if you are exceptionally pleased by a guide or a restaurant, gratuity is appreciated. 


Denmark’s currency is the Danish kroner (DKK). ATMs are plentiful but beware of the fees. Most major credit and debit cards are used (even for small purchases), although note that a PIN is usually required. 

Medical Facilities

Albatros Adventure Marathons will ensure that an English-speaking doctor/medical team is available for participants of our marathon events.

Please note that participants are responsible for their own travel insurance. 

Medical assistance during the marathon event

A team of English-speaking Danish doctors and paramedics will be present during the race. The medical team is ready in case of injury or severe exhaustion.

Albatros Adventure Marathons will ensure that an English-speaking doctor/medical team is available for participants of our marathon events. If any treatment is unable to be carried out by the doctor and it is necessary to refer a participant to local medical facilities, the doctor/medical team and travel agency will not be held liable for any treatment carried out by staff from local medical facilities.

Passport & Visas

Please note that it is each traveler’s responsibility to check visa and passport requirements and ensure that they comply. Obtaining a passport and, if required, a visa, is solely the responsibility of each traveler. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after returning from your destination. 

If you hold a passport with a visa requirement to enter the Schengen, you must apply for a visa to visit Denmark. Please contact your local embassy for further details. We draw your attention to the fact that the processing of visa may take several weeks. The travel agency cannot be held responsible for travelers who, for whatever reason, may be denied entry at a border. Furthermore, the travel agency cannot be held responsible for the denial of visa prior to departure.