20 May 2023

Viking Island Marathon

20 May 2023

Run through coastal trails

Run along the coastal cliffs of Denmark’s best kept secret!

The Viking Island Marathon is a splendid but challenging coastal trail run on the northern part of Bornholm.

The race features both a marathon and a half marathon and the beautiful route follows the coast line through dense forest and picturesque villages with half-timbered houses, past menhirs and the largest castle ruin of Northern Europe.

Bornholm is a Danish Island known as the pearl of the Baltic Sea. Also known as the Sunshine Island or the Rocky Island, Bornholm is an intriguing combination of forest, coastal cliffs and small beaches, with a twist of rich viking history, Medieval castle ruins and small fishing towns with harbors and smokehouses. 

Traces of the Vikings are plentiful on the island, from menhirs and runestones to burial sites. Bornholm boasts over 1,000 menhirs scattered around the island, more than any other part of Denmark. Bornholm is also home to numerous burial sites.

It's no surprise that Bornholm has been voted as Europe's second best island in 2019 (Conde Nast). To truly appreciate the enchanting atmosphere this island has to offer, one must be ready to adapt to their laid-back island lifestyle. 


Race distances

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Full Marathon
42.2 km
Half Marathon
21.1 km


Both distances take place at the same time, and share the last part of the course.

Just select your preferred distance when booking.

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A sunny escape for both Danes and tourists, Bornholm is home to white sand beaches, rocky cliffs, and a thriving arts scene known for its glass and ceramics.

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